Friday, November 19, 2010

Work Life Balance is an oxymoron

My experiments prove that there can be no work life balance.
Work life balance is a concept sold by some consultant to some gullible company owner to justify the plummet in top line.

For the truth is that - If there is work then there is no time to enjoy life.
And only if you have no work at all then only you can enjoy other things. So basically people who claim they have a work life balance have no work at all and are jobless.

Let me explain in detail :- 

We all know work expands to fill the time available
So if you have work - you will not have any time to do anything else
So which means that if you are doing anything other than work - You do not have any work at all

Hence proved that you are jobless and you claim you have a work-life-balance. 

But the truth is that your work life balance is broken from the work arm.

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