Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to solve a Rubik's Cube

Bottom layer solve yourself to get all edges correctly

To solve the Second layer

To solve the second layer align the center piece with the bottom layer

The center piece is the middle cell in the second row

Then align the same color with the top most center column so that you have an inverted "T" of the same color

You need to make sure that the top most cell (the color on the "U" side oy Upper side ) needs to be moved to the right or the left so that the second layer is solved for that adjacent side to face. So if your inverted T is of Orange color. You might have a Yellow or White on the Upper face of the cell of inverted "T"

You need to move the yellow topmost cell to the left and if it is white then to the right.
To move the top middle side to the correct side

Left move

Ui Li    U L    U F    Ui Fi

Right move

U R  Ui Ri   Ui Fi   UF

Second layer solved

To solve the top layer Search for "Mirror image of L" on the top left corner

F R U Ri Ui Fi

Then get an vertical Blue I, Make it horizontal by turning the cube

Do again

F R U Ri Ui Fi

Aim is to get a cross Blue on the top if your bottom face is green

Do the below to get the cross with correct cells on the face side

R U Ri U R U U Ri

Now to bring the remaning 4 edges with the correct color of cells even tjough not oriented properly keep doing below

Right Corner 3 sides to be correct position - To bring 3 sides of the edges to the correct position

U R Ui Li U Ri Ui L

Now once we have all edges with right colored cells even though not oriented properly we will try to complete the cube

Keep on your right top side the cell that needs to be reoriented correctly in the cube top layer, do not worry about the rest.
Once it comes in the right place by doing

Note - To get Di you need to face the down of the cube and see when it turns anticlockwise

Ri Di R D

Move only the Top face to get the other edge with correct colors but not oriented properly , keep that edge cell on the top right corner and repeat

Ri Di R D

Keep moving only the top "U" face to get the edge that is not oriented properly to show correct colors by doing

Ri Di R D

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