Monday, March 17, 2014

Similarities between driving and life

I was driving my car to office and when I learnt the 3 biggest lessons of my life. It was uncanny how driving had a striking similarity with life. Driving teaches us many lessons which we would not have learnt if it was not for driving.

Why is the rear view mirror smaller than the windshield? It is so because it reminds us that we need to keep our past memories and undue worries in a very small part of our perspective. The major part should be to have a vision and look ahead at the present and the imminent and the future.

Also while we drive we only view the broad road, the small pebbles and potholes can be ignored since if we kept trying to avoid them we would end up spending more fuel on going zig-zag rather than straight forward. Similarly in life we need to ignore or just bear the small problems keeping the bigger vision in sight. If we keep solving all the small problems in life, we would be spending significant time and energy on those small issues and would be diverted from our greater goal in life to enjoy the presents that God has bestowed upon us. We need to be alert and awake for a bigger goal and a greater vision than to be bothered about the small potholes and pebbles on the way.

A striking resemblance is driving and in life is on the speed of your driving. The person behind you will not honk you till the time you are giving him space to move and he is aware that he cannot drive any faster than what he is currently doing. The moment he sees a stretch of empty road in front of him he pushes the paddle hard enough. Similarly in life, in work place, when you see your boss moving above the corporate ladder in a steady pace you are not upset since you know he would be making space for you. The moment you are hit by an incompetent boss who you know will not move from him current position you start feeling asphyxiated since if he doesn’t move; he wouldn’t let you move too.

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