Friday, November 26, 2010

Wedding Invitations - All kinds and shapes

Most exquisite Wedding Invitations come with an exquisite value. But have you ever kept a wedding invitation as a take away gift or as a souvenir. I remember one invite which I got on a metal plate with beautifully crafted letters as the engravings on the peripheries. I also remember one wedding invite that had a musical speaker craftily settled inside and which played “I just called to say. I love you.”

But the best one is still doing the rounds. It was of some government minister that came with car keys inside it. Yes believe it or not all invites had a car key inside and that was the take away gift of the marriage. Opulence in marriage is vanity but a vanity which is much needed nowadays to create contacts in your social network. Well to say the least isn’t it true. All gifts have a purpose to create long lasting memories. Wedding Invitations have become an excuse for intimation the ulterior motive is to keep a well deserved place in the centre of the brain for easy recollection. Otherwise why would people throw away cars and champagnes with wedding invites? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I would add to it A gift is worth a billion words.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Four Lions

Haven’t seen a movie better than Four Lions. It recently replaced Forrest Gump on my top movie slot. So what’s so special about 4 Lions?

4 Lions is a comedy on the terrorism and the Pakistan aided camps. It brings to light how the brain washing of Jihad is fed into the brains of kid in a simple story of Sindbad. To give you a synopsis of the movie - It’s about 4 UK residents who want to do something in the name of Jihad. Well no one was up to the mark of being a terrorist and it’s a series of belly aching comedies that would put to shame even “Hot Shots.“

I don’t know who directed the movie or what the name of the actors was. But each one of these did a job for which we don’t have words. Awesome would be an understatement.

It’s a must watch from me.

Social Networking and Recruitments

Social networking is already in as the next big thing. Companies are figuring out new ways how to “sweat all the assets” of these social media. One major area where this can help is Reference check for new candidates.

Suppose you select a candidate for your company - but you hardly know the background of the candidate. Social networks form a huge database for candidate’s reference check. You can check the candidate’s profile on My Space, Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn or any other social network.

The advantage of Social Network is that most of the opinions are not direct or manipulate-able. A comment on the picture with Pat-Pong in the background can speak reams for you. Or a scrap from well know person is a major reference check that you need not to look any further for credentials. Besides, mutual friends can also provide you a direct reference for history check.

Considering the way by which people flock to well - known networking sites it’s not a wonder that most of the government’s projects like UID (Unique identification number) are taking a lesson or two from them.

One is the reference needed for getting a UID – If you remember; when Orkut was launched it was restricted for all except someone who already is an Orkut member. Only Orkut members could send an invite. This maintains authenticity at Level 1. It’s similar to a bank’s loan guarantor.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Work Life Balance is an oxymoron

My experiments prove that there can be no work life balance.
Work life balance is a concept sold by some consultant to some gullible company owner to justify the plummet in top line.

For the truth is that - If there is work then there is no time to enjoy life.
And only if you have no work at all then only you can enjoy other things. So basically people who claim they have a work life balance have no work at all and are jobless.

Let me explain in detail :- 

We all know work expands to fill the time available
So if you have work - you will not have any time to do anything else
So which means that if you are doing anything other than work - You do not have any work at all

Hence proved that you are jobless and you claim you have a work-life-balance. 

But the truth is that your work life balance is broken from the work arm.

Similarity between Bill Gates and Spiderman

Bill Gates - From those to whom much is given, much is expected
Spiderman - With great power, comes great responsibility

Now the question is did Bill see Spiderman on HBO or did Spider man swooshed over Bill Gate when he was making that speech

Did you know about these anniversaries

Year one is called paper anniversary 
Year two is called cotton anniversary
Year three is called leather anniversary 
Year four is called fruit or flower anniversary 
Year five is called wood anniversary 
Year six is called iron anniversary 
Year seven is called wool or copper anniversary 
Year eight is called bronze anniversary 
Year nine is called pottery anniversary
Year ten is called tin or aluminum anniversary 
Year eleven is called steel anniversary
Year twelve is called silk or linen anniversary
Year thirteen is called lace anniversary
Year fourteen is called ivory anniversary 
Year fifteen is called crystal anniversary
Year twenty is called china anniversary 
Year twenty–five is silver anniversary 
Year thirty is called pearl anniversary
Year forty is called Ruby anniversary
Year fifty is called Gold anniversary
Year sixty is called Diamond anniversary
Year 61 and beyond are all called miracle anniversary cause it's no less than a miracle that they both are together

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why know future

The worst part of knowing the future is that - if it's bad you can't change it and if it's good - you won't believe it unless it happens

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Western Horse Saddle

Did you ever have the privilege of riding a horse without a saddle? I had it and believe me it’s not a privilege it’s a pain. The bones of the horse pierce right through your skin and it’s not comfortable at all. So in all sanity I advise all to go for a western saddle. Not only saddle gives you comfort in riding a horse but also provide you traction to grasp the horse.

As saddle has its main components as a horn which is attached to a swell and is used as a handle when you ride it. There is a stirrup which helps you climb the horse and acts as a ladder besides also used as a foot-holder when you are riding the horse. The cantle holds your seating position and also gives a support to your back. The cinch ring is a belt that runs around the girth of the horse and holds the saddle in place. If you are looking for buying a western saddle for your horse I strongly suggest that you first check online stores for a used western saddle.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Great Equalizers

I can't help but appreciate the great equalizers that nature has provided us. Equalizers - that inform us that in some way or the other we are equal. Take for example common cold. Whether it’s Paris Hilton or the nobody on the street both would have gone through the irritation of a sore throat or running nose.

Besides I think analogies ease life. All you need to do is to put your dilemma in a analogy so that it becomes easy to compare. Once my friend showed me some poor kids going to some poor school and he said to me - Do you think they have a future? -To this my answer was - Someone in Kellogg university may say the same bout us.

So you see how analogies straighten the intricacies in life. And besides no one is better than the other except when it comes to hard work. So no matter if someone is smarter or intelligent than you - It’s not a concern to worry, but if someone is more hardworking than you, then it’s a matter of concern. Make sure in the hard workers list you come on the top. Meticulousness and hard-work are such amazing things that it puts all other natural talents on a back bench. Hard work is also a great equalizer.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

New kid on the block - Liquid Fuel Cell Candle Lamp

Recently we went to a restaurant for dinner and there the theme for the night was 'Candle light dinner.' Much to our amazement there were no candles for the candle light dinner rather they were using a liquid fuel cell candle lamp. This raised my curiosity. I went over to the manager of the restaurant and asked for more notes on these amazing pieces of invention that I had seen for the first time. I asked where I could get these for my home. The liquid fuel cell lamps were intricately designed in shape of a candle and had carved edges. Few of them were also floating in a small pool in the center of the restaurant.

The colors caught my attention the most. Most of them were clear transparent while others were ruby red colored. I liked the red ones more since they had that luxurious touch in them. Much to my amazement they weren’t even expensive. I thought I will be getting them the first thing in the morning.

There is no smell of the wick burning and they burn without the crackling sound. They give the same light as candles but they do not melt and create stains on the table cloth like a candle does. They burn on liquid paraffin and can burn for twelve to eighteen hours straight- I wouldn’t be using them for such a long time at stretch unless I was living in Scandinavia where we have night longer than twelve hours.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Exclusivead taking main priority

It’s the media buzz all around us. Media is now taking a center stage. Marketing is bigger than ever. The idea is to create traffic. Whether it is brick and mortar business or an online business, the first thing people are asking is whether the footfall is there or not. This is where exclusivead comes into picture.  The main objective is to utilize the time a potential customer spends in activities essential to daily commute. The organization makes sure that exclusivead is present in such locations and beaming the necessary information to its potential customers.