Saturday, May 21, 2011

Love Story

it was somewhere in the middle of the night , i was as clumsy i am doing some work given by her or she had to do and was figuring out how to do and had no clue about it , nor was i interested in doing that work. The only thing that i was interested in was to look at her sleeping. Out of nowhere she woke up looked at me with those half open eyes, and said " I Love You", and went back to sleep as she didnt even care for my answer. And i mumbled trying to make it to her conscious mind before it drifted back to neveralnd that " I love you too" . I shouldnt have said 'too'. later i realised. But at that time something happened that was unique. which would not happen till the existence of my college and which would not have happened till today.
A dreamy eyes piercing through and those chiseled ornamented lips murmuring the perfect words, a crystal  " I Love you " . Its like diamond. Would be with me forever.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Best Invention Till date, Best Adage Ever, Best to Watch Movies

Best Invention Till date

Airplanes are my best inventions in history. To have a look at the importance and the versatility of airplanes leave us amazed at the awesome invention that planes have been .
The Second World War was won on British airplanes and today all the air strikes make it easier for the infantry to this date. Even the commercial airlines are a boon to the modern form of transportation. Reaching from one part of the worked to another in a couple of hours would never have been possible had it not been the invention of airplanes.
I have so much regards for the Wright brothers that it worth giving them Knighthood

Best Adage Ever

The famous saying that “It will also end” is the proverb that makes me kicked in every time. When I am feeling low then I think that this will also end and gives me hope to hang on to the situation and when I am too happy the same proverb gives me senility that this is a time to be humble and not vain .

The depth and the insight that this 4 worded adage has put many kings and warriors motivated for a very long time. I have kept it hanging on my walls to give me guidance and hope forever.

Best to Watch Movies

When I am bored I watch movies. They are a reflection of the society that the movie depicts. It’s a window to a different culture, dialect and idiosyncrasies of that culture, the beliefs and their traditions.