Friday, November 19, 2010

Did you know about these anniversaries

Year one is called paper anniversary 
Year two is called cotton anniversary
Year three is called leather anniversary 
Year four is called fruit or flower anniversary 
Year five is called wood anniversary 
Year six is called iron anniversary 
Year seven is called wool or copper anniversary 
Year eight is called bronze anniversary 
Year nine is called pottery anniversary
Year ten is called tin or aluminum anniversary 
Year eleven is called steel anniversary
Year twelve is called silk or linen anniversary
Year thirteen is called lace anniversary
Year fourteen is called ivory anniversary 
Year fifteen is called crystal anniversary
Year twenty is called china anniversary 
Year twenty–five is silver anniversary 
Year thirty is called pearl anniversary
Year forty is called Ruby anniversary
Year fifty is called Gold anniversary
Year sixty is called Diamond anniversary
Year 61 and beyond are all called miracle anniversary cause it's no less than a miracle that they both are together

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