Monday, November 08, 2010

Great Equalizers

I can't help but appreciate the great equalizers that nature has provided us. Equalizers - that inform us that in some way or the other we are equal. Take for example common cold. Whether it’s Paris Hilton or the nobody on the street both would have gone through the irritation of a sore throat or running nose.

Besides I think analogies ease life. All you need to do is to put your dilemma in a analogy so that it becomes easy to compare. Once my friend showed me some poor kids going to some poor school and he said to me - Do you think they have a future? -To this my answer was - Someone in Kellogg university may say the same bout us.

So you see how analogies straighten the intricacies in life. And besides no one is better than the other except when it comes to hard work. So no matter if someone is smarter or intelligent than you - It’s not a concern to worry, but if someone is more hardworking than you, then it’s a matter of concern. Make sure in the hard workers list you come on the top. Meticulousness and hard-work are such amazing things that it puts all other natural talents on a back bench. Hard work is also a great equalizer.

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