Friday, November 26, 2010

Wedding Invitations - All kinds and shapes

Most exquisite Wedding Invitations come with an exquisite value. But have you ever kept a wedding invitation as a take away gift or as a souvenir. I remember one invite which I got on a metal plate with beautifully crafted letters as the engravings on the peripheries. I also remember one wedding invite that had a musical speaker craftily settled inside and which played “I just called to say. I love you.”

But the best one is still doing the rounds. It was of some government minister that came with car keys inside it. Yes believe it or not all invites had a car key inside and that was the take away gift of the marriage. Opulence in marriage is vanity but a vanity which is much needed nowadays to create contacts in your social network. Well to say the least isn’t it true. All gifts have a purpose to create long lasting memories. Wedding Invitations have become an excuse for intimation the ulterior motive is to keep a well deserved place in the centre of the brain for easy recollection. Otherwise why would people throw away cars and champagnes with wedding invites? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I would add to it A gift is worth a billion words.

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