Sunday, November 14, 2010

Western Horse Saddle

Did you ever have the privilege of riding a horse without a saddle? I had it and believe me it’s not a privilege it’s a pain. The bones of the horse pierce right through your skin and it’s not comfortable at all. So in all sanity I advise all to go for a western saddle. Not only saddle gives you comfort in riding a horse but also provide you traction to grasp the horse.

As saddle has its main components as a horn which is attached to a swell and is used as a handle when you ride it. There is a stirrup which helps you climb the horse and acts as a ladder besides also used as a foot-holder when you are riding the horse. The cantle holds your seating position and also gives a support to your back. The cinch ring is a belt that runs around the girth of the horse and holds the saddle in place. If you are looking for buying a western saddle for your horse I strongly suggest that you first check online stores for a used western saddle.

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