Sunday, November 21, 2010

Social Networking and Recruitments

Social networking is already in as the next big thing. Companies are figuring out new ways how to “sweat all the assets” of these social media. One major area where this can help is Reference check for new candidates.

Suppose you select a candidate for your company - but you hardly know the background of the candidate. Social networks form a huge database for candidate’s reference check. You can check the candidate’s profile on My Space, Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn or any other social network.

The advantage of Social Network is that most of the opinions are not direct or manipulate-able. A comment on the picture with Pat-Pong in the background can speak reams for you. Or a scrap from well know person is a major reference check that you need not to look any further for credentials. Besides, mutual friends can also provide you a direct reference for history check.

Considering the way by which people flock to well - known networking sites it’s not a wonder that most of the government’s projects like UID (Unique identification number) are taking a lesson or two from them.

One is the reference needed for getting a UID – If you remember; when Orkut was launched it was restricted for all except someone who already is an Orkut member. Only Orkut members could send an invite. This maintains authenticity at Level 1. It’s similar to a bank’s loan guarantor.

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