Saturday, June 18, 2011

Obesity is attractive

It is said that everything in the universe attracts the other body by a force directly proportional to the product of weight of the bodies and inversely to the square of distance.

So I guess to attract one needs to put on weight

My fingers through her hair, she slept soundly on my lap ... my hand holding her ..... the feeling was so pure like fire

That night was so nice -- ---- "eh kash mein hum hosh mein na aaye" fingers through her hair, she slept soundly on my lap ... my hand  holding her ..... the feeling was so pure like fire

and one of those moments when u wished that this would define your life and the dawn may never break and she always slept like this near to me, close to me , be mine , my property

Corporate Lingo

The way the corporate bull shit seeps into people working in the corporates is easily seen in their verbiage.
  • People replace the word "problem" with the word "challenge." Recently I heard someone saying The challenge that I faced parking my car is that another car was parked in front of the gate
  • The important point to note in the presentation is that we are capturing 70% of the market share ( As if if we did not understand the main points of the whole presentation as it was so covered with bull-shit all around the slides or the language is so vague that we have to be told what is the main point)
  • Adaptability is important ( which means we don't know what to do with you so keep moving as we say )
  • Lets sit for a meeting ( We don't have anything substantial to give you but still, we would like you to have pity on us and give us something)
  • The industry we are operating is a new industry - ( If you don't understand what we are doing or why we are doing don't be flummoxed)


Its funny how Physics is so relevant in our day to day lives and I am not just talking about the laws and the theorems and assumptions but how they are so much in our human lives.

Lets see for example -

1. Static friction is greater than dynamic friction
When you start a new thing or business, its always difficult but once you get a hang of things. It becomes really easy to maneuver

2. Moving uphill is harder than drifting downhill
Do I need to say more, and I am not talking of potential and kinetic energy