Saturday, November 06, 2010

New kid on the block - Liquid Fuel Cell Candle Lamp

Recently we went to a restaurant for dinner and there the theme for the night was 'Candle light dinner.' Much to our amazement there were no candles for the candle light dinner rather they were using a liquid fuel cell candle lamp. This raised my curiosity. I went over to the manager of the restaurant and asked for more notes on these amazing pieces of invention that I had seen for the first time. I asked where I could get these for my home. The liquid fuel cell lamps were intricately designed in shape of a candle and had carved edges. Few of them were also floating in a small pool in the center of the restaurant.

The colors caught my attention the most. Most of them were clear transparent while others were ruby red colored. I liked the red ones more since they had that luxurious touch in them. Much to my amazement they weren’t even expensive. I thought I will be getting them the first thing in the morning.

There is no smell of the wick burning and they burn without the crackling sound. They give the same light as candles but they do not melt and create stains on the table cloth like a candle does. They burn on liquid paraffin and can burn for twelve to eighteen hours straight- I wouldn’t be using them for such a long time at stretch unless I was living in Scandinavia where we have night longer than twelve hours.

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