Monday, September 13, 2010

What to think of think - Newton and Eve

This was what came to me while sitting and doing nothing. Why is it the rule of nature that we have to work to survive. I simply don't understand, who came with this stupid suggestion to " To work is to survive."

Why people who do not work are looked as an added burden and those who work are considered good. Why ? just Why?

I think it was set when you see that people who work are those who start getting the girls. Girls think that this guy works and will work for me so I should sleep with him. This makes him a hot property. All the other guys seeing that this guy who works, is enjoying all the goodies, start working just like him and the real winner is the girls who now have an option to choose from two hard working men. Now more men join in and hence quantity leads to quality being a metric. Now, not just doing work is enough but to do good work is essential. The benchmark is raised. And the circle gets deepened.

Gautam Bhuddha actually had come with the solution for all this. the placebo.
Desire is the root cause of all evils

Desire to sleep with the best women was the root cause of work. Had our great great great ancestors figured it out then we would not have the norm of working for survival. And all would have been happy. Looks like Eve came to earth to start the same business she was adept in the Garden of Heaven - Making men lives miserable.

But being a man I can understand what Adam would have felt like looking at Eve. He would have thought "I will give the world to sleep with her once." Bingo, there was it. Eve not only slept with Adam but also shoved the apple down his throat. Adam was a dumb guy. Instead of Adam I wish it was Bill Gates or more appropriately Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods would have take the apple and shoved it inside all the holes of Eve just for pleasure and later used the abused and overused apple and shot a 18 hole game with it with his golf stick . That would have served Eve well. But then Eve would have thrown the stick on him just like his wife did. So I guess Tiger Woods is out. Hugh Heifner would have clicked Eve and put her poster in the gate of the Garden and sold it to God too. Adolf Hitler would have killed Eve saying she is a Jew. That would have served her well, but then Adolf would have used him self so much that he would have died of exhausting of his left hand and both testicles.

So who could have been ideal Adam among the mortals we had till now. I guess it would have been some one who is allergic to apples or may be Newton. I can think of only one man who put apple to good use other than eating it. Newton it should have been him. Newton and Eve lived happily in the Garden of Heaven, ever and ever and ever and they even discovered gravity of Heaven.

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