Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Essence of life

Once my friend asked me "When you go to sleep, do you ask yourself what have you achieved today?"

My Simple and straightforward answer was "I don't ask such difficult questions to myself that take my sleep away."

But today I couldn't help asking myself. Is Desire better or Ability.
These are the only 2 things that makes a man successful. Desires and Abilities.

I was fixed in this dilemma. How can desires be a greater consequence than ability. If a man is not able to walk then even though he has a desire of running a marathon then how will he do that. So I was pretty much convinced that abilities are of more importance. But then I remembered the movie Gattaca. I recommend this movie to all parents to show it to their children. It is an extraordinary movie of desires winning over abilities. The protagonist wanted to be a space traveler but his vitals were not up to the mark. How he joins the firm as janitor and finally reaches his dream. And the quote which is indelible in my memory "I never cared for the swim back."

Now I am convinced Desires are 90% and abilities are 10% or even lesser. Well what good is an ability if I don't have a desire to use them. But if I have a desire I can find new ways to work around my shortcomings. Desire is supreme. But then Gautam Bhuddha had said "the root cause of all evils is desire"

What can I say? Gautam Bhuddha should have seen Gattaca

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