Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rain drops are ........

I am amazed at my ability to have an opinion on everything. No wonder I think myself as the most interesting company. And when I don't get time for myself I am angry at myself for not giving time to myself, my company.

So coming back to my musings. One interesting thing I noticed this morning as I was driving on the Inner circle road. When you come to office early at 8 am you see drivers on the road who drive carefully, maintain lanes and don't honk unnecessarily. Its like all the tortoises from the "Hare and Tortoise" story are driving. But when you come to office at 10 am, the scene is so different. Its a rush hour, horns blaring, lane integrity is kept in the backseat, and traffic rules are for the weak hearted. Its like all the hare from the much fabled "Hare and Tortoise" are on the road. Well in the end its up to me what I want to be the hare or the tortoise.

One more great realization happened to me when I was riding my bike back home. I have heard people say "enjoy the rain, the nature and its beauties." Well, let me take you through my experience. I was riding back home and suddenly the clouds gave way. Its started to drizzle and then pour. I thought of enjoying the rain, but then was reminded of my laptop with me. But then the rains had no intention of stopping so I thought might as well enjoy the rain. What to say .. After 10 minutes of continuous downpour when even one's underwear gets wet the rains seem no more fun. The breeze feels like chilled freon and the stickiness of the clothes to the body is like skin trying to shed off and still held by little fibers. The rain seems no more fun after being drenched for 10 minutes. I am sure who sang "Rain drops are falling on my head" made the whole song in 10 minutes. Had he been there any longer the song would have had its own share of interjections in form of abuses in the lyrics. The song would have been something like this " the rain drops are f**king on my head "

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