Friday, September 17, 2010

Humans and Dogs - Who lead whom to do what

Humans are so much like dogs, especially in the corporate environment. People treat only those to whom they report as their masters. They bark and growl at their peers. They look down on the juniors like a house dog does to stray dogs. Well its all a doggy world in the office, if you look through my eyes. Any information is not relevant if your boss thinks that it is not. All your tricks of catching your tail with your mouth is not exciting enough if your boss thinks its useless. When you are with your boss, you are happiest. When your boss hits you, you are in the lowest of lows. You always need a boss to be around, its in your DNA. That may have lead to the invention of God.

Its a doggy dog world out here in the office. Smelling butts, eating shit, wagging tails, greed, jumping without thinking on opportunities, running after a thing (Frisbee)  which you don't even need or eat, hating your species for no specific reason.

May be after living with humans for so many ears all these attributes may have been learnt by dogs from us only.

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