Saturday, September 18, 2010

Death of Love

Have you ever experienced the death of love? It's bad. It stinks and it's suffocating. When love dies there's nothing worse that can happen. Love dies between parents and their kids : form the lover and the loved one:  from the institution that you are attached to: from the dreams that you had: from the friend you cared for the most : from things you had in you for which you loved yourself till the time they are no more in you: from the aspirations you had: from the dreams you had as a child. Death of love is catastrophic. I don't mean to scare you but I myself am scared. Things you craved for once no longer interest you.

Death of Love can come in many forms. Death, hatred, mistrust or simply growing out of it. Death of love crawls and works its way like a termite. Inconspicuous from the outside and lethal from the inside.

Love is not a legend. It exists, it is everywhere. The need for love makes it alive. All need to be loved, whether plants, animals or humans. Just like Life, love also needs to be nurtured, fed and kept safe from danger and taken care of. Or else love will wilt like a plant in sun.

Love if oriented properly can lead to miracles and if disoriented is devastating. Choosing the love of your life is so essential that the filtration process should not be taken for granted. Always go for things that you love, no matter what. For a well begun is half done, ain't it?

I am quite sure it's not better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all; the author surely didn't fall out of love or else wouldn't have written that. 

It's always a safe bet to love things and not persons. For if you love an Audi, you probably will ride it. But if you love a person, the buy-in is not just money. Other parameters also come in to account. So place your bets carefully.

Since we have done the prognosis, let's do the medication too. So what-if Love dies. The first thing you do is change. Change something or everything , but change. Let the buffer time be small before you come to the normal levels . Don't be bitter. Death of Love make you bitter, makes you a worse person than the one you were before. Don't let these things bother you. Memory will try to flush that person out. The memory cells will die,  flushing those chemicals out of the system or earthing the  tiny sparks of memories locked in the capacitors of your brain - memories of the loved ones. Bad thoughts will come, they should, they are a sign of the wave ebbing their way back into the sea of forgetfulness and again the memory loss that you blamed for missing out a theorem in exams that you mugged so well, the same forgetfulness will come to your rescue. Soon you will forget everything and believe me you will forget everything. Soon you will start dreaming other things. Soon you will love someone else. Nature has programmed us so. The aim should be to keep the time from the Death of Love to the Sea of forgetfulness as short as possible.

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