Thursday, November 17, 2011

Johnny and his dad

Johnny’s dad: Hey Johnny why you do not go out and play

Johnny is busy on his computer, doesn’t care to look at his dad

Johnny: I am playing dad

Johnny’s dad: I don’t mean those stupid games, I mean go and play with your real friends on a real ground

Johnny: I won’t find them there

Johnny’s dad: Why?

Johnny: They are already playing with me here

Johnny’s dad: Oh God what the world has come to

Johnny: Dad aren’t you proud I am the strongest player in the team

Johnny’s dad (frowns): You certainly do not look like, Hey why do you not have something to eat

Johnny: I had just now an online sandwich and a full glass of milk at the

Johnny’s dad: But you do not like milk at home

Johnny: Yes dad, this milk gives me 200 extra bonus points so I can kick ass

Johnny’s dad: What about your school

Johnny: Yes dad I will be there in the next 15 minutes

Johnny’s dad: But your school is a good half an hour away

Johnny: Dad my school is also online

Johnny’s dad: And what about your teachers

Johnny: Yes they are online too. Mr Jacob, our chemistry teacher, is visiting a ladies club now and Mrs Allyson, our gym instructor, is sharing her pictures, I must say she is something

Johnny’s dad: Oh no, what are you doing – Do not do that, she is your teacher Johnny

Johnny: Yes dad but I am not visiting her profile as me, I am visiting her profile as you

Johnny’s dad: You naughty little beast

Johnny: No dad she actually wants more of you

Johnny’s dad: (Gulps a swallow): Come move, let me see too (sits next to Johnny)

Johnny’s dad: Do you have a girlfriend

Johnny: Yes dad she is the latest in town

Johnny’s dad: I am proud to hear that, where does she live

Johnny: She lives in the

Johnny’s dad: Hey those websites you should not visit

Johnny (still focused on his computer): Do not worry dad I do not use your credit card. I still am on my teacher’s credit card. He visits so many sites that I can always sneak in his account and he would never notice

Johnny’s dad: Oh good, so now you are a thief too

Johnny: No dad, its call hacking, thief’s too lame

Johnny’s dad: I want you to get out of your computer world and go enjoy a fulfilling life like I did and make some real friends like I had

Johnny: DAD!!!!!!!!

Johnny’s dad: NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny leaves the room

Johnny’s dad logs in to the computer and you hear “Welcome Johnny’s dad, I had been waiting for you. Mrs Allyson wants more of you”

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