Saturday, May 21, 2011

Love Story

it was somewhere in the middle of the night , i was as clumsy i am doing some work given by her or she had to do and was figuring out how to do and had no clue about it , nor was i interested in doing that work. The only thing that i was interested in was to look at her sleeping. Out of nowhere she woke up looked at me with those half open eyes, and said " I Love You", and went back to sleep as she didnt even care for my answer. And i mumbled trying to make it to her conscious mind before it drifted back to neveralnd that " I love you too" . I shouldnt have said 'too'. later i realised. But at that time something happened that was unique. which would not happen till the existence of my college and which would not have happened till today.
A dreamy eyes piercing through and those chiseled ornamented lips murmuring the perfect words, a crystal  " I Love you " . Its like diamond. Would be with me forever.

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