Saturday, March 26, 2011

Exciting Idea

GPRS enabled traffic lights

Quiet many times we have seen that traffic lights are blinking like a mechanical process. In this age when humans have envolved beyond measure, un-intelligent traffic lights seems so obsolete.

I propose traffic light system which get real time data from the cars that are idling on the 

Hit and run cases . All cars to have a self identifying device and other cars can read those signals with a time stamp. So when you are worried who scratched your car when it was in parking or you need not to be worried about any third party insurances and all related trouble. Besides speeding tickets can be issued with greater accuracy

A world where all the cars (in a small radius) speak with each other. They capture each other data and they keep a record of it with a time stamp. The data that the cars transmit are very basic and non intrusive like License number, chaise number, Owner's Name, etc.

Standing at a crossing waiting for the traffic light to turn green

Need addressed - Third party insurance hassles and proof verification. Car theft. Bringing discipline in traffic lights. Saving of fuel. Hit and run addressed to the culprit with proof. If you are on road, you are always on the scanner.

A Bluetooth or any mid range device (Wifi) which is capable of transferring and receiving data within a certain range.The cars should transmit their data all the time, even when they are not on ignition.
The data that the cars transmit are very basic and non intrusive like License number, chaise number, Owner name , Owner House address and unique number of the owner like Social Security number in USA or a Personal Account Number (PAN) in India.
There would be a display and a keypad inside the car where data can be fed in to search for a car in vicinity or extracted to get a log of daily activity

Performance results -

1. Number of police cases solved using this technology
2. Number of Third party insurance verified using this technlogy
3. Number of thefts resolved using this technology
4. Analyzing the trend in the traffic signals which use this technology to determine the number of vehicles passing and coming up with most optimum time for vehicular movement on a road
6. Customer feedback of people who are using this technology
7. Fuel saved due to dynamic traffic-lights movement

Bluetooth technology is reliable in terms of performance. Once the prototype has been worked upon the repeatability can be worked upon.

  Suppose you are in the vicinity of your friends home but do not know his exact house number. All you need to do is punch in the identity of the car that your friend owns and the display in the car would tell whether your friend’s car is in vicinity or not. Police can get an alert when They can just get an alert as a felon car approaches

There is no similar technology existing. GPRS is a distant second to such a technology.

Benefits lead to greater road discipline
Car theft reduction
Location tracker of a friend
Ease to police officials
Railway crossing _ Killing the car engine

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