Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Memories and Lessons

Memory is so funny but essential. 

What are we, if not memories?  The whole orientation is memory dependent. Memories of our first success, memories of the first death; good memories and bad memories. Memories define us; they make us act as per our good or bad remembrances.

The lapse in your memory that you cursed when you forgot the important formula in your term papers comes to your rescue when you finally forget the one whom you want to forget.

Make memories, make good memories. The first sign that you are happy with your life is that you do not talk bad about others. Besides people who delve in the past are those who have nothing to look forward in the future or have nothing to do in the present.

Always have a some average bunch to hang out with. Sometimes there is need to be a bunch of averages in your life with whom you can spend time and see its not a rat race everywhere, be with them and be happy with yourself.

Do not have anger in your life. Anger is not good especially for those who are doing it.
It produces nothing and hence is a cost center rather than profit center. It will definitely hamper your health and thinking ability which is bad. Even a second of consciousness lost is very harmful to life.

Love the most, the mostest. You need it when the times are real bad and at these time it should be there to hold you. So if you want to know if its love then bother your loved one in the the time of trouble. Love has the strength to face bad times and defeat it. They say time is invincible but the only thing that you can fight time is with love, pristine in all forms.

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